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Tibetan festivals

Tibetan festivals are based on the Tibetan lunar calendar, which usually lags behind the solar calendar by four to six weeks. They reflect the rich and diverse culture of Tibet, influenced by ancient Bon religion, Tibetan Buddhism, and neighboring cultures from China, India, Nepal and beyond. Most of the festivals have strong religious characteristics and involve activities such as pilgrimage, prayer, offering, chanting, dancing and unveiling thangkas (Buddhist paintings).

Some of the most important and popular Tibetan festivals are:

These are just some examples of Tibetan festivals that reflect their unique culture and spirituality. There are many more festivals that vary from region to region or sect to sect1. you can visit some websites that provide detailed information about them:

  • https://www.tibettravel.org/tibetan-culture/
  • https://www.greattibettour.com/tibetan-culture
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibetan_Festivals